21 Questions to Assess Your Leadership Effectiveness

21 Questions to Assess Your Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness: All leaders require a broad range of skills, competences and qualities. As a leader in any situation you need to understand the basic principles of leadership. All leaders should be aware of their skills, abilities and knowledge and take leadership opportunities when they arise.

As a leader you need to be prepared to meet your three main challenges:

  1. lead the team: helping it grow and building cohesion
  2. lead each individual: know each individual and their respective strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes
  3. get the job done: develop, agree and set objectives and goals for individuals and the team to meet

Assess your Leadership Effectiveness

We have designed 21 questions which assess whether you are making the most of your interactions with your direct reports. Be as open and honest with your answers, remember humility and self-awareness is a strength of a good leader.

  1. Are you using your questioning and listening skills to help your direct reports think for themselves and not depend on you to fix problems?
  2. Do you seek to understand direct reports before being understood?
  3. Are you creating time to catch your people in the act of ‘doing the right thing’ and providing positive feedback?
  4. Are you demonstrating courage and providing constructive feedback in a timely manner rather than avoiding it or saving it until a direct report’s appraisal?
  5. Before providing constructive feedback, do you reflect on how you or the organisation may have contributed to the problem?
  6. Do you create time for reflective practice and ask others for feedback on your leadership approach and effectiveness?
  7. Are you aware of your influence on the organisation’s culture? Do you acknowledge and address aggressive or passive/ defensive behaviour in yourself?
  8. Do you delegate carefully selected tasks and responsibilities to develop the capability and confidence of your team?
  9. When delegating tasks are you clearly communicating the criteria for success, the level of authority being delegated and how you are going to monitor their progress?
  10. Do you take the time to understand your direct reports’ individual motivational hot buttons and adapt your approach accordingly?
  11. Are you regularly assessing the initiative of your team members and developing strategies to create the right conditions for them to grow?
  12. Are you showing real care and help for employees in difficulty or with personal problems?
  13. In order to increase employee engagement, are you involving your team members in as many work decisions as possible?
  14. Are you utilising the skills and opinions of fellow managers and team members to compliment your blind spots?
  15. Do you actively  look for opportunities to collaborate with other departments rather than competing with them?
  16. Do you develop the levels of trust within your team by demonstrating integrity, positive intent, delivering results and developing your skills?
  17. Are you ‘up to something’ and moving your team towards a goal that that provides a strong sense of direction?
  18. Are you and your team’s day to day activities aligned with your organisation’s strategy?
  19. Do you focus on the tasks and activities that deliver the greatest value?
  20. Are you actively looking for opportunities to coach team members?
  21. Are you regularly tackling issues or tasks you would rather avoid and eating your frog as a result?


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