Individual Development

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  • The Power of Vulnerability in the Workplace

    Connecting with others on any level is essential for our very existence, and connecting well within the workplace is vital to your enjoyment and productivity. Gaining a deeper understanding of your colleagues and employees doesn’t make you vulnerable, and can actually enhance relationships as we’ve found through delivering our Leadership Programme. When we start working […]

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  • Eat the Frog to End Procrastination

    It’s human nature to put off tasks that are unpleasant, difficult to accomplish, or that you feel conflicted about completing. For example, when you face an unpleasant task that requires confrontation with others, the tendency is to procrastinate. Most humans seem hard-wired to avoid disagreements. However, what may have been a small difference turns into […]

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  • The Benefits of Coaching

    In order to gain a competitive edge companies are challenging the traditional ways of developing their people. Organisations are increasingly using Performance Coaching to bring out the best in their employees. 51% of companies now consider coaching crucial to their strategy (CIPD 2009). With an ever-increasing range of learning and development options to choose from, […]

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  • How to Say No in Business

    Are you too nice or too obliging to say no? It may seem so much easier to say yes because saying no can lead to arguments, but if saying yes all the time is affecting your job productivity and/or your personal life then you need to take a moment to ask if you have… “The […]

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