our take on factors affecting business performance

  • Top 10 Risk Management Movies

    At its best, Hollywood can expose and explore real-life issues rather than just exploit them. Hollywood loves risk. Individual creativity, public taste and mood, and the expenditure of vast amounts of money make for high stakes and high uncertainty. Risk is a popular theme in the movies themselves, though of course, Hollywood manages the odds […]

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  • Mental Health Awareness Week

    Right now 1 in 6 workers are dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress. This week is Mental Health Awareness week, the event aims to end discrimination and stigma related to mental health but also raise awareness of some of the issues. Discrimination and confusion still surround the topic of […]

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  • Motivation and The Pygmalion Effect

    How you communicate with your staff can have a dramatic impact on how your staff behave. This is often not communicated just through the words you choose to use but through tone, your body language and your approach. Managers, Directors and Organisational Leaders understandably have an influence on the success of employees, and can play […]

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  • Work Life Balance

    Helping your employees achieve a work life balance is vital to help prevent structural issues and ensure organisational success. When the balance is level between any two things in life homoeostasis is achieved. Ensuring your employees enjoy a healthy work life balance is the key to drawing out the best in them within the workplace. […]

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  • The Risk Management Toolkit

    In the workplace, risks are inherent in almost everything we do. Risk can have a negative effect on all aspects of the organisation covering the balance sheet, our reputation and values, and the safety of our staff and clients. Therefore Risk is of paramount importance to all organisations. Businesses must take many types of risk. […]

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