Leadership Transformation: A Manager’s Real-Life Journey

Leadership Transformation: A Manager’s Real-Life Journey

At Outstand, we like to gain feedback from our clients’ because it provides us with valuable insight into how our services impact that individual or organisation. We also like to share those experiences with you from time to time, to display how we work and how our services may be just the help you need to make improvements as an individual or within your organisation.

Simon Garnett, Managing Director New York, Clear

I came to Garin fundamentally to help regain greater balance in my life

I love my job, but was finding that the increasing pressures and stress were starting to mount up. I found it hard to switch off and even when I wasn’t working, work was always top of my mind and impacting the amount of mental space I had for the other more important things in my life like my family. I was on fairly constant edge about anything that might go wrong and found it hard to move on from set backs

From the first time I spoke to Garin, I felt he listened and understood me. He asked perceptive and searching questions to clarify my real motivations and what I wanted to get out of the session

We worked through the LSI (Life Styles Inventory™) model, gaining feedback from those close to me. As a self confessed “feedback junkie”, I have always prided myself on knowing what feedback I was going to get before I got it. So I went in to the results session feeling confident I knew what was coming

I was spectacularly wrong. The feedback made me realise that I had been making “excuses” for some of my behaviours that sub-consciously I knew to be true – but consciously I was avoiding and in denial about. It was tough, but with Garin’s expert hand, he helped me understand what the results meant and most importantly, helped me move on to focus on how to behave in the way I wanted to. He is always balanced in recognising and processing the positives (and would regularly pick up me up when I paid mere lip service to the positive things!), before moving on to the development areas

The basis of the model we used is that between the STIMULUS and the RESPONSE is a THOUGHT. Whilst we can’t change who we are or what has happened, we can change our reaction to it. The response is driven by our thought processes – the inner voices that tell us positive things (you can do it) and the not so positive things (you’ve lost this kind of job before/are you clever enough/etc…). I worked through great sessions to understand those different voices and where they came from, so that when the stimulus arrived, I could have a more considered thought that would take me to a different response – the kind of response I wanted to make rather than the auto pilot response I defaulted to

Throughout Garin was expert at helping me understand every stage. His focus is on action. Where there is time for reflection and self analysis, it is always with action as a goal. He supports and challenges at the right times and consistently went above and beyond to ensure that understanding was there and that I had the support to handle the challenging discussions we were having

He focuses on tangible actions and giving you the tools to change. He was incredibly receptive to stories of my successes (and less successful attempts!) and always made time to give me support and feedback on things to think about

Not every session was rosy and bright and they have included some of the toughest discussions I’ve ever had, but throughout Garin is non-judgemental, super supportive and balanced. He knows when to push and gives space when reflection is required

Overall I can’t recommend Garin highly enough. He takes time to know you as an individual, does an incredible amount of prep (I was constantly surprised by his ability to bring up a passing comment from a prior meeting at a pertinent point) and gives you 110% of his focus and time when you are with him

I am confident that I will look back in 20 years time as these 6 sessions being the turning point in giving me the more balanced approach to the kind of successful work and personal life I have sought

Thank you Garin – I look forward to working together in the future.

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