Effective leadership is a powerful driving force behind business success. And those who become effective leaders are given the responsibility to ensure conflict is managed, challenges are faced with structured processes and their team members stay passionate about business growth.

As a leader, you are the one with the responsibility for driving the organisation forward. You are the one who should embody the values and beliefs of the company and uses these to fuel decision making and the support you offer to colleagues. With such important responsibilities, ensuring you understand your individual leadership style alongside your strengths and areas for improvement is vital.

This is where OUTSTAND steps in to help. Our bespoke leadership programmes allow you to gain an introspective view of your working self. From your individual leadership personality through to how you currently deal with challenging issues, a clear understanding of your own working persona will help to promote growth. No matter whether you lead a team of 5 or 500, leadership is a role of great responsibility and one that can always be built upon.

We work with industry respected methodologies and world-class tools that have shown their benefits, time and time again. As part of the programme, our friendly and professional team build a personal rapport with you, discovering all we can about you as a person. This helps us to tailor each leadership programme to your specific needs, whether you’re looking to build a cohesive team or are looking to achieve career progression.

Explore our Leadership programmes below:

Leadership and Team Profiling

Executive Coaching

Outstanding Leaders Programme – Leadership Training

‘The challenge for the organisation was to support our Board through a sharp learning curve as effectively as possible, allowing them to gain the most from the experience while balancing the needs of the organisation and wider membership. Garin was superb in setting out, meeting and then exceeding my expectations of what was possible with a leadership programme like this. What has been unexpected is the amount the team still reference, the lessons, tools and theory when we communicate together. It’s wonderfully rewarding to see.’

David Khanna, Operations Director, Arolite

If you’re looking to progress up the career ladder, gain self-confidence in your abilities or simply enhance the leadership skills you already have, contact us today for more information.