How We Deliver

Transform the effectiveness of your organisation

Our work is supported by a range of world-class tools and methodologies that create cultural change within organisations enabling you to achieve your business objectives.


What is Outstand?

We are an Organisation Development consultancy based in the UK that supports private and third sector organisations in their desire to work more effectively with their most important asset –their people.

What makes your service so important to my business?

Effective leadership has the biggest single impact on the performance of individuals, teams and whole organisations. It is the day-to-day behaviours of managers that will, to a large degree, decide the extent to which employees will go the extra mile in their jobs and remain loyal to their organisation. It is management behaviour that is also central to the degree people learn at work, their well-being and resilience and ultimately their productivity. Without effective leadership your organisation is driving with the handbrake on.

I’ve managed well enough up until now – why should I rock the boat?

Organisation Development has long been established as a valid approach to successful business within large multinational

business because they recognise that the workforce is evolving. The work environment and the needs of employees has changed immeasurably. For example, the use of technology, part-time working, flexible hours and job share has meant that leadership interactions are fragmented and messages can be lost. Additionally, a successful business can find itself absorbing costs associated with its people without challenging why they exist. It is seen as natural to assume that certain costs cannot be avoided in business – which is mostly true. However, a constructive and positive organisation should always be looking at ways to improve its process and approach.

What’s so special about Outstand and why should I choose you?

1: You get a free, no obligation initial consultation from us.
2: Extensive research visits to ensure a complete understanding and all perspectives are taken into account.
3: Use of a wide range of world-class psychometric tools to gain agreement and buy-in during development
4: Completely bespoke solutions designed around your needs.
5: Persistent follow-up to ensure the development sticks.

How do I know I am getting value for money?

That’s a really good question. We don’t print certificates for your wall, nor do we make bold claims about ROI that we can’t substantiate. Every client’s need is different and as such every outcome will be unique. For example, increased efficiency and teamwork enhances job satisfaction, which in turn decreases staff turnover and the subsequent recruitment costs.

All our clients are asked to provide a testimonial of their experiences with us and all have been more than happy so far. We don’t only just deliver a training day, we promise to follow up on your development to ensure the changes take place.

How long will all this take?

As before, this very much depends on your organisation. If coaching for individuals is required – apart from some fact-finding and surveys we can start almost immediately and an average engagement like this might take between three and six months. At the other end of the scale, an Organisation wide engagement is a large but manageable task that may take longer. To create long term sustainable change often requires a review of the organisations systems and training for your people.

To learn more click here for our Outstand Brochure 2013-14