What We Do

Transform the effectiveness of your organisation

Here at OUTSTAND, we believe that a business only grows and productivity increases when it invests in its number one asset – it’s people. People are the essential ingredients that create a company’s success, grow market share and produce outstanding organisations that everyone wants to work for. That’s where we step in.

OUTSTAND is a team of passionate and dedicated Leadership and Organisation Development Specialists. We strive to make your work life as satisfying, productive and successful as possible. Our first aim is to understand you, your people and the context they work in. From the senior team grappling with the big strategic decisions to the frontline staff working hard to deliver customer satisfaction, we believe in the importance of getting an indepth understanding of clients. This bespoke approach ensures that you are always our number one priority.

From here, we tailor an entirely bespoke solution to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to gain clarity on the best ways to make strategic decisions, develop key talent, deal with conflict, improve your own leadership skills or scoping out additional support for your senior leadership team, we’re here to help. Every programme is entirely unique and crafted with the benefit of your team members and the strategy in mind.

Everything we do is research-based and uses industry respected methodologies and technology. By identifying the key issues that you and your team face, we provide you with the tools you need to achieve your personal career goals, improve communication within the team and achieve your businesses objectives.


What makes OUTSTAND unique?

Our entirely bespoke service works with industry-recognised methodologies and tailors them to suit your individual needs. We integrate ourselves into your team, learning every member’s unique approach along with their workday challenges. Unlike other one-size-fits-all models, we focus entirely on the people at the heart of the business and work to directly support the issues that they’re facing.

How could a leadership programme benefit me?

The Outstand  approach is all about building the leadership capability required for your organisation to its business strategy. If you have an effective leadership structure this plays a significant role in individual, team and organisational performance. We will design you a custom-designed leadership programmes that identifies the training, education and support required to help you and your leaders to deliver on the strategy and to equip your managers with the skills to have a more satisfying career.  When working with your leaders we focus on the required mindset, behaviours and processes required to lead their teams and their stakeholders to achieve their organisation’s goals.  The first step we take is an introspective look at your leadership approach and offers the clearest way to identify your strengths, stumbling blocks and areas for development. We equip your leaders with the skills and processes to engage and develop their teams more effectively and provide motivating direction.

Can't I improve my leadership skills on my own?

Everybody can improve, whether that’s through independent study or supportive training. Where we step in is to help you achieve your full growth potential by motivating everyone in your team and aligning your goals with the existing business strategy. We provide an external view and use our track record of success to suggest cultural changes to optimise your growth. And, we provide you with clear goals and steps to clarify the best route to achieving true leadership results. So, no more late nights trudging through hundreds of self-help books or online forums.

Why should I make this investment?

Unlike other companies, we do away with the conventional one-size-fits-all model. Our bespoke offering allows us to offer something unique in our industry – an external view of the business from an internal standpoint. We become part of your team, building relationships with our new colleagues and discovering all there is to know about you.

In the past, we have supported businesses to successfully:

  • Increase their team productivity
  • Build effective and engaging  team environments
  • Break down the old-fashioned hierarchical business relationship barriers to create productive and fulfilling working teams.
  • Increase the leadership capability of senior, middle and front line managers to support an organisation achieve growth
  • Reconfigure team structures and processes to increase performance
  • Encourage long-term business advocates and decreased staff turnover.

The investment you make is one into yourself and those around you. Enhancing the working skills that you and your team have is a proven way of transforming business performance and producing outstanding results.

To meet the needs of our clients, we have developed a unique methodology to measure Return on Investment (ROI) from our leadership and organisational development programmes. You’ll be able to see for yourself how valuable investing in the development and success of your leaders can be.

What is the lead time for success?

Success takes a different form for each business. From the very beginning, we’ll work closely with you to establish what it means to you. Our programmes run anywhere between One Day Intensive sessions to in-depth business transformation programmes that last up to 18 months. Regardless of the timescale, we are committed to helping you achieve your business goals and ensure you receive all the tools and skills you need.

How We Deliver

Our work is supported by a range of world-class tools and methodologies. We use a range of cutting edge psychometric and diagnostic tools to help you make sense of what is happening in your organisation. We use these insights to identify the most effective way to affect change and achieve your business objectives.

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