Outstanding Team Program

Outstanding Team Program

Outstanding Team Program

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships’ – Michael Jordan 

The Outstanding Team Program is designed to support you and your team achieve your business objectives. An outstanding team should provide a forum for developing quality solutions to difficult challenges the group face, create a sense of shared purpose, and collaborate, whilst leveraging the collective intelligence of the team.

Here at OUTSTAND, we understand that teams are the support system that holds your entire business together. Working productively alongside other likeminded individuals and developing your collective skills will produce a team of people dedicated to success.

Our Outstanding Team Programme is aimed directly at you. We become the extra member of your team, delving into your collaborative strengths and identifying areas of conflict. Understanding your business objectives plays a key part in our discovery process too and ensures we create a tailored programme with good return on investment. From here, our bespoke training programme helps each member to develop skills, tools and the correct mindset to bring out the very best in themselves.

We believe in the power of the team. Bringing together likeminded individuals with the willingness to learn, constructively challenge and merge skills to achieve one main goal. Over the years, our Outstanding Team Programme has seen significant success in teams of all different sizes.

Teams that work with us can expect the following outcomes:

  • Improved teaming skills gained through an awareness of the different requirements and preferences of each member in your team
  • Increased appreciation of each others’ challenges and personal goals
  • A significant reduction in stress levels through greater ability to engage in productive conflict
  • Improved team relationships and heightened morale
  • Greater levels of commitment to team decisions
  • More effective communication between members of your team
  • Greater levels of mutual accountability for achieving tasks
  • Comprehensive action plan to develop the behaviours and skills to be a more effective team

Discover what some of our past clients have to say about the Outstanding Team Programme:

Garin was fantastic – he took my thoughts and formed them into a bespoke training that was perfectly suited to our needs. The team enjoyed the sessions and we have already implemented many of the ideas and practices that came out of the training. I have several times heard comments on how much better the training was than any of them expected – that the practical and specific knowledge of our business that Garin brought to each session made it much more beneficial than generic training they had seen in the past. The research and development phase in itself brought forward questions and self-reflection which set the tone for an insightful programme. I would highly recommend Outstand to anyone seeking training or consulting work that will make a real difference in their organisation.

Jennie Barham, Head of Account Management, EMEA, Channel Advisor

The whole experience was ‘exceptional’ – everyone from staff to management got to learn how each person works, thinks & feels and most importantly what really motivates them individually. With this information/insight we are now able to work with each person to get the most from them and what motivates them to go that extra mile to help the AHOY to continue to grow and truly work together as a team. So if you are really looking to get the maximum out of your staff/team then the value of using Outstand will prove to be probably the best investment you will ever make.

Clive Ongley, MBE, CEO, The AHOY Centre

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