Leadership & Culture Change

Leadership & Culture Change

Leadership and Culture Change

Strategic alignment, collective effort and interdependent goals within an organisation are key ingredients of a company’s growth. To achieve true success, both you and every single member of your team must focus their efforts towards a common goal, be a part of an inclusive culture and feel passionate about the development of the business. This is where our Leadership & Culture Change programme comes in.

We apply years of experience and research to help your organisation overcome the tough challenges that stand in your way of competitive success. From creating greater alignment between the business strategy and the actions of employees through to creating a consistent company-wide approach to employee development, we help you to implement an internal structure and strategy that works.

Our bespoke leadership and culture approach allows us to understand your businesses values and beliefs. We collect quantitive and qualitative data about your strengths while also identifying areas for development. This programme looks at your business as a whole, in order to design the specific changes that will lead to organisational growth.

Some of the key areas we can support you:

  • Silo mentality within departments, leading to confusion on roles and duplication of effort
  • A sense that employees are not safe or equipped to resolve differences on their own
  • A lack of awareness of individual priorities, challenges or pressures
  • A sense of limited empowerment amongst employees leading to low engagement
  • A lack of organisational learning
  • No consistent methodology for coaching, mentoring or supporting career development.
  • Difficulty in establishing key business priorities
  • A lack of infrastructure and problem-solving forums to support employees

Our goal is to create a planned and systematic approach, allowing you to better sustain your organisation’s performance through its most important asset – it’s people.

See what our Leadership & Culture change programme has done for some of our past clients:

The research and development phase in itself brought forward questions and self-reflection which set the tone for an insightful programme. I would highly recommend Outstand to anyone seeking training or consulting work that will make a real difference in their organisation.

Jennie Barham, Head of Account Management EMEA, Channel Advisor

The amount of care and attention that goes into each meeting by Outstand is second to none, they have really taken the time to get to know our business and understand our needs and where we want to go. They show that they care about each of us personally and the goals and vision of the Willow Foundation.

The follow up by Outstand is also another example of how they are different to other providers. They don’t just “train and leave”, they are interested in how we are doing, they want us to get value for money and real results from everything they do training on.

Simone Martin, Human Resources Manager, The Willow Foundation

To learn more how we can create a tailor-made organisation development solution for you, contact us now.