Outstanding Leaders Programme – Leadership Training

Outstanding Leaders Programme – Leadership Training

Outstanding Leaders Program

An effective leader is one of the most valuable assets to a business. As well as driving change within an organisation, they also provide the support and education within their team to transform results. The productivity of a business and, ultimately, its profitability, relies on the success and motivation of the capability of it’s leaders.

Through our Outstanding Leaders Programme, we help you to take a step back and really understand your individual leadership style. We don’t want to create a hoard of manager ‘clones’ but rather give you the tools to expand your own skills and develop a unique style that works for you and your people. Our programme includes both self-assessment tools and experiential learning that will examine your strengths and find areas for development. A range of personality tests will analyse how you naturally think and behave, before allowing you to build on these innate talents and deliver consistent, high performance.

Our bespoke programme is much much more than simply learning a set of tools and techniques. It allows you to bring-to-life the common challenges you face in the workplace and build effective ways to approach and overcome this conflict. Our passions lie in helping people to discover how techniques and approaches can enhance their professional performance and help them to achieve higher results in a strategic and focused way. Many of our past clients have reported outcomes such as:

  • An improved sense of leadership capability
  • The confidence and skills to deal more effectively with the performance management of team members
  • The ability to better align the organisation’s goals with the actions of individual team members
  • An enhanced set of interpersonal skills including communication, supervision and leading
  • A deeper insight into their own communication style and the impact this has on professional relationships
  • A reduction in conflict levels and an improved sense of camaraderie
  • Heightened productivity and an improvement in the quality of their work
  • A deeper understanding of the impact that their leadership style has on others
  • The development of strategies designed to improve the performance of their teams
  • The ability to set clear goals, objectives and performance standards for themselves and others

As part of our Outstanding Leaders Programme, we become a partner to your organisation. We fully immerse ourselves in your business culture. Research meetings with you and your team help us to better understand the specific challenges you all face. This personal approach allows us to tailor and deliver the programme to meet your exact requirements and to guarantee a successful return on investment.

What is included:

  • A comprehensive set of leadership tools for planning and execution
  • Telephone and email support for everyone involved throughout the programme
  • Detailed workbooks with extensive reference materials and templates
  • Pre and post-workshop activities
  • Action planning and strategies that are suitable for immediate implementation
  • Leadership podcasts and business articles.

See what some of our Outstanding Leaders Programme graduates have to say:

The most insightful training I’ve been on, recommended 100% if you are prepared to challenge yourself, consider your perceptions of yourself & others, to think about your impact on those around you and try to be a better leader. It’s an eye opener!

Catherine Ward, Head of Business Change, SmartestEnergy

The balance of theory with practical exercises made the concepts come to life and some of the tools used to illustrate the concepts presented were inspirational.

Alison Goddard, Chief Executive, Lincolnshire Action Trust

Some of the challenges I faced were regarding my own attitude and personality such as my competitive nature and the feeling of having to constantly prove myself due to my age…When I started the training I had little control over my team and felt there was a lot of negativity and barriers between us. Outstand has helped me to break down those barriers and create a positive team atmosphere, which in turn has shown an impact in their behaviour and in their work.

Louise Kent, Support Services Manager, Nomad Trust

I was particularly impressed with Garin’s ability after the short time period available, to be able to reflect extremely accurately the details of Cam Sight’s current position and the exact challenges and decisions it faces at this moment. As a result, the programme was able to focus precisely on the skills and outcomes I needed in leading the organisation both now and in the future.

Anne Streather, Chief Executive, Cam Sight

If you’re ready to take your leadership skills to the next level and transform the growth projection of your business, contact Outstand today.