Leadership and Team Psychometric Profiling

Leadership and Team Psychometric Profiling

Leadership and Team Psychometric Profiling

One of the clearest ways to improve leadership and organisation performance is to first understand yourself and the people that work around you. At OUTSTAND, we provide a suite of world-class psychometric and diagnostic tools that help you achieve self-awareness and a clearer understanding of your personality and work style

What is Psychometric Profiling?

Psychometric profiling is a series of standard and scientific assessments which help to measure an individual’s behavioural style or mental capabilities. They give you an insight into aspects of your personality that may not be initially recognisable and help you to establish techniques and methods to overcome specific barriers to higher performance.

These personality tests help you to better understand your leadership style and how it influences different personalities. For teams, psychometric profiling allows you to better comprehend how different individual profiles interact and the areas where potential improvement could be made leading to greater levels of performance.

The OUTSTAND team use industry-recognised methods to support you in assessing your team capabilities and to uncover latent potential. We will help you develop a profile of your team in order to enhance individual and collective performance. Our suite of tools include:

  • Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team
  • Everything DISC Work of Leaders/ DiSC Management/ DiSC Workplace Profile
  • DISC 363 for Leaders 360° Report
  • Myers Briggs Step I and II
  • Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (LSI)
  • Group Styles Inventory (GSI)
  • Organisation Culture Inventory (OCI)
  • Organisation Effectiveness Inventory (OEI)
  • Team Diagnostic Survey
  • Firo-B
  • Human Synergistics Survival, Business and Challenge Simulations

Psychometric Profiling for you as a leader and the team around you can have many benefits from improving team dynamics to building more successful strategies for transformation.

Garin provided me with Myers Briggs Type Indicator coaching programme earlier this year, and I have commissioned him again to continue my sessions using the Life Style Inventory. I found our sessions extremely insightful, and helpful in developing my leadership skills, improving productivity at work, and building successful relations with clients and colleagues. It also helped me become more aware of my core strengths as an individual, understand what motivates colleagues, and be able to manage teams more efficiently.

Elvin Ozensoy, DNV GL – Corporate Sustainability Agency

Using the Myers Briggs profiling application, we identified together my strongest personality traits through a process of focused questioning on different areas that drew out distinct personality characteristics of my ‘core’ self.

This insight has allowed me to view myself in a totally different way and to accept certain areas of my personality which previously I had considered as weaknesses now as strengths. I now have more confidence to assert myself at work where we had identified areas where I excelled and allowed me to recognise other personality types in my team and what works well together which has helped enormously through a time of team recruitment. Overall this was a hugely valuable experience that I would recommend to people at all levels of business.

Fenella Tyrer, Account Director, Candour Marketing

For more information about the leadership and team psychometric profiling tools here at OUTSTAND, contact us now.