Senior Leadership Team Development

Senior Leadership Team Development

Senior Leadership Team Development


Being a Senior Leader gives you a great deal of responsibility. You are the one employees look to provide guidance on business goals, drive innovation and solve strategic problems as they arise. And, to do this, you need the tools, education and support to produce exceptional results. This is where OUTSTAND steps in to help.

Our Senior Leadership Team Development programme has been structured to ensure you get the most out of your Senior Management role. It builds on your existing strengths and identifies areas of development and gives you the clarity needed to confidently make those business-altering decisions.

The 6 Conditions for Team Success

Working as a team requires patience, professionalism and drive. Not every group of people will work well together or produce suitable results. This is where your role as a Senior Leader comes into play. Those with all the right skills and techniques are able to understand their team members clearly, implement underlying conditions and drive team success. The 6 Conditions for Team Success is how we here at OUTSTAND, help you to achieve all this.

1. A Real Work Team

Productive working teams are the collaboration of four elements:

  • A Task
  • Clear Boundaries
  • Specified Authority
  • Membership Stability

The team spirit comes from a feeling of working together. When your team members tasks don’t directly depend on each others, they fail to produce a coherent group dynamic. At this point, we show you how to establish clear boundaries where each team member knows and understands their responsibilities clearly. We explore how giving your team the authority to manage it’s collective workforce together will drive that professional bond and show you ways to keep your team together as you build on their relationship as a whole.

2. A Compelling Team Direction

For every journey, there must be a goal. Whether that’s working towards your annual campaign or finalising books before the tax year, a goal gives clarity and direction to the workflow of your group. We’ll show you how to work collectively to establish a shared goal and create a detailed map of how you plan to achieve it through team motivation.

3. The Right People

Is the easiest team dynamic one where everyone has the same views, outlook and personality? From experience, we say no. Teams thrive when each member is allowed to constructively challenge one another, share their views openly, listen respectively, have the willingness to learn from others and collaboratively move towards the right solution.

There is much research to show that diversity within teams can add true value. While skills and experience play a key role, people who have good listening skills, are open-minded, show empathy and easily navigate diversity can provide significant wealth to a team. We’ll show you how to identify these features in your members and how to seek them out if you’re just forming your team. We’ll show you how to ensure that any team you construct has both the ‘hard’ skills to do the job and the ‘soft’ skills to build trust.

4. A Sound Team Structure

Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos, is famed for his “two-pizza” rule; where a team should be small enough to share two large pizzas for lunch. Research has shown that smaller groups are likely to be more productive due to increased social interaction and face time. We’ll help you to establish whether larger teams could benefit from being broken down into smaller, more intimate groups. If so, we’ll give you the tools you need to effectively explain, implement and support this change for the benefit of you and your team.

Another key to successful team collaboration is the development of group norms. Where acceptable behaviours are reinforced and unacceptable ones are sanctioned, a Senior Leader can develop a productive culture and mindset. We’ll show you where these reinforcements, such as arriving at meetings on time, could support a more productive working environment and how best to establish them over time.

5. A Supportive Organizational Context

Your team cannot function without the rest of the organisation, or the ‘soil’ as J. Richard Hackman describes it. You may work as a small collective for the majority of your week but there are times where you’ll compete against other teams for resources or space. We’ll establish how you, as a Senior Leader, can work to remove these physical barriers and the obstacles that could be holding your team back from potential growth.

A part of supporting the organisation as a whole, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of recognition by Senior Leaders. An effective nurturing tool, you’ll help to boost the confidence, productivity and passion of your teammates by offering praise in the form of rewards, information and education/training. We’ll work with you to establish an effective rewards programme that will drive success and transform the results of your business.

6. Team Coaching

From sporting stars to piano players, everyone needs coaching and development skills to achieve great things. We believe that coaching can come at any level; from the others in your team or from individuals outside the business. From these people, we can learn a wealth of knowledge about best practices, communication and how to implement effective change. Coaches support both individual and team development and help to develop team behavioural norms. We’ll show you how to find, support and establish effective coaching within your team

By working through the 6 Conditions for Team Success, we’ll help you to transform into an exceptional, effective and aspirational Senior Leader within your business.