Sneak Preview…The New Outstand Logo

Sneak Preview…The New Outstand Logo

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This August, Outstand will be celebrating 5 years of transforming organisational, team and individual performance. As part of this celebration, we’re delighted to introduce our new logo.

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We’re really pleased with our new logo. You’ll be seeing a lot more of it as we introduce it onto our social media platforms, stationary and website. We think it’s stronger and more dynamic whilst still representing our core brand values.

So what’s different?

The old icon has been replaced by 2 pyramids. This reflects the mission of Outstand to help organisations create leaders at every level and develop the flexibility required to survive and thrive in the 21st century. The first pyramid reflects the old, traditional approach to management with a top down approach. The second pyramid is inverted to show how leadership needs to adapt its approach and deregulate, decentralise and delegate a substantial part of the organisational control to employees throughout the organisation.

Part of our commitment is to create leaders at every level and encourage all employees to be fully invested in the success of their organisation.

The font has changed and we’ve gone from a black font to a softer tone of grey and a modern, cool tone of blue.

We hope you like it too – feel free to share your thoughts!