Are stress levels becoming a risk to your organisation?

Are stress levels becoming a risk to your organisation?

Workplace stress is a serious employment issue that creates inefficiency, erodes profits,  and creates staff turnover.

Have you calculated the cost of stress and absence to your organisation?

Stress has become the biggest cause of absence in the UK. Stress affects one in five of the working population from the newest recruit to the Senior Management team.

The prevailing work ethic requires that workers produce better, faster and with fewer resources. Your people are constantly required to deal with rapid change, manage vast amounts of information, and deal with many societal factors which place enormous pressure on them and their families. Many people are in a chronically stressed state with unfortunate consequences for both themselves and their organisation.

It can be a challenge to know where to start when tackling workplace stress. However, there is good news. Government Research has highlighted that for every £1 you invest in staff well-being, there’s a return of £3 in improved efficiency and productivity.

In response, Outstand has designed an innovative and insightful programme that helps you understand how everyday stress impacts  individuals. It builds on recent research by Naomi Quenk Phd., who has worked tirelessly to uncover how your Myers Briggs Type can influence your reaction to stress and enable you to identify potential stressors and better manage your reaction.

The programme includes revealing information on work-related stress and what happens to us when we operate in a stress mode over a long period. We all have times when we are “out of character“, feel outside ourselves and behave in unexpected ways. Once you have an understanding of your reaction to stress, and realise it is a natural, healthy part of personality. It can lead to enriched understanding and personal growth.

The MBTI personality inventory is used as a framework to unravel this confusing side of human personality.

What you will learn:

  • How we return to our usual state and what can facilitate this?
  • How your staff can support each other
  • What happens when someone is in the grip for an extended period?
  • Why we need inferior function experiences for our psychological well-being?
  • How knowledge of our own and others’ stress reactions can enhance our personal and professional lives?

The programme can be delivered to teams through training and individuals through coaching.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about tackling stress in the workplace.