The Brainwave Moment of Clarity

The Brainwave Moment of Clarity

the light bulb effect
You can hear people say “Aha, I’ve got it”, even when they don’t say it out loud.

It’s that moment of clarity when they’ve had a brainwave and everything suddenly becomes clear.

Is this something that happens by chance or more of an insight based problem solving outcome?

“Our brain is the largest data processor known to humankind.” – Dr Trisha Stratford

The left side of the brain is analytical and the right side is problem solving. We often get stuck on the left side which creates limitations for problem solving and deeper insights into solutions.

With the continual research into cognitive neuroscience; researchers have been able to further understand the moments of ‘Aha!’ within the workings of the brain, and have revealed that it is not a happy accident but what is now known as insight based problem solving.

The parietal lobe is the Seat of Imagination. When they put Einsteins brain back together, they found that in between the two hemispheres he didn’t have the corpus callosum so he had more connectivity and more imagination than most.

Dr Trisha Stratford’s research showed that when two people are in communication, they impact each other’s physiology, so when one of the parties felt anxious, the other person also experienced anxiousness.

But how does this impact us in the real world?

Below the line thinking: is the habitual way of operating. It smacks of the Henry Ford quote: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Above the line thinking is staying in the moment and focusing on one thing at a time. It takes two minutes for the blood flow in the brain for you to change from one task to another. When you focus on one thing, your thinking slows down, and when that happens you begin to broaden your perspective.

Above the line thinking: enables for achievement based thinking, your mind is more results focused and setting goals in order to reach your desired outcomes.

Extreme thinking: is idea creation, deliberately tapping into your imagination to move beyond the usual problem solving techniques. Developing intuitive thinking to create whole answer solutions which results in what we believe to be an Aha moment of clarity.

Your brain does not trust the new. Traditionally it likes to stay within the known, which is lead by your left side of the brain. But in order to have these moments of Aha breakthroughs in thinking and business, you need to go beyond regimental thinking and become aninnovative thinker.

Going through the motions of what is known as the “try harder cycle” is essential to the development of your thinking, because this is what creates the groundwork for you to then move onto the next level of extreme thinking. If you saturate your mind with knowledge, you create a data bank for your brain which you can then tap into.

A quick trick for slowing your thinking down is to breathe in for 4 counts and out for eight. Do this 3 times.

Now create intention. What is the intention of what you’re trying to achieve? Be specific on the answer you’re looking for, what is the solution you want? When you ask these questions you’re beginning to alert the mind as to what you’re looking for.

Now, let it go.

Stop focusing on that and re-focus your attention on another task.

Letting it go can really be translated into letting it grow. Giving your mind the space and time to allow this idea or solution to form.

With purposeful practice you can change the brain and the central nervous system to reprogramme the mind so you can achieve that moment of clarity on an ongoing basis to develop your role, career, life into continual amazing outcomes.

The basis of this article was derived from the video by Dr Trisha Stratford’s presentation in collaboration with Human Synergistics.